The story of the Betula Pendula company starts with the chronic illness of the daughter of one of the founders. Bára Smejkalová was a future hopeful in Czech junior swimming and had many successes under her belt when suddenly problems started to arise. She started to cough and could not stop. She lay ill in bed for weeks on end and was repeatedly beset by upper respiratory tract infections. Antibiotics had no effect and her state worsened until she was hospitalized. Medical tests showed that Bára was suffering from a pulmonary fungal infection from swimming pool water. It seemed that her swimming and future sporting career was finished. Bára’s father Ladislav however did not accept this situation. He began a tireless search for something which could help his daughter. He teamed up with his friend Dr. Radan Gocal, who routinely uses natural supplements in his standard medical work. He suggested to strengthen Bára’s immunity by trying goat colostrum, with which he had experienced surprising results in practice. Ladislav searched high and low and at several farms for his first goat milk and finally managed to bring some home in a small churn. Bára drank the colostrum twice daily and after only four days started to feel noticeably better for the first time after several months of suffering. With regular use of the colostrum Bára was gradually able to get completely rid of the problem and was able to resume competition swimming. Ladislav Smejkal, together with Dr. Radan Gocal and another mutual friend Jan Halla, decided that this somewhat inaccessible goat colostrum should help not just Bára but also others who needed it.

They founded the Betula Pendula company, whose aim is to provide nature’s little miracles to the greatest number of people.