We want to produce and deliver exclusively superior products and will do everything in accordance with this aim.


The colostrum is extracted exclusively from the first batch after feeding babies, so it contains the most valuable substances that actively build immunity. Milk is collected only from carefully selected farms in the Czech and Slovak Republics and from next season also in New Zealand. All farms are located in clean rural environments.


Our colostrum is processed almost instantly using a unique technology - freeze drying, or lyophilisation, to remove water from the milk at very low temperatures which drop to below minus 80 degrees Celsius. Hence unlike other processing techniques the maximum quantity of active substances remain in the milk.


The best hallmark of our work is the granting of a kosher certificate, made possible only after meeting many demanding criteria.


We constantly test and evaluate our products. Our company also works closely with medical research into the effects of goat colostrum.


Professional guarantor of the best quality is one of our founding members, Dr. Gocal. In his lectures he highlights the principles of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy attitude towards one’s own body.


The reactions from people who our product has helped and who send us their stories are themselves our best reward, and prove that we are doing our job right.


The mystery of goat colostrum is probably related to the fact that goats belong amongst the healthiest of animals in that for example they never suffer allergies nor cancerous illnesses. Free-grazing goats do not even suffer the effects of agricultural large-scale breeding (preventative medication, yield optimization regardless of the quality of life of the animal). In fact, free choice of grasses and grain is the foundation of the exceptional quality of goat colostrum. A goat in pasture can differentiate between up to 60 different types of plants and grain, from which it will carefully choose. It is not in vain that we say in Czech, “As fastidious as a goat”.


1) A clinical study assessing the influence of goat colostrum on the health of children.
Research began in August 2015 with a group of 100 children of pre-school age. The children are being given capsules of goat colostrum and will be studied over a period of 8 months. The results of the study will be known in April 2016.
2) Colostrum as a source of new primary products in food and dietary supplements possessing improved dietary properties and a high content of natural biologically active substances.
The aim of the sub-program:
to innovate technological processes, food composition and quality control methods, with an emphasis on healthy nutrition of the population, increasing the proportion of new primary products in foods with improved nutritional and dietary properties

The survey will run for 5 years, lasting from 2012 to 2016