I am a 57-year young woman, a grandmother with three grandchildren, I live and work as a volunteer with mentally handicapped people in Ireland. I was born in Moravia, where I have my family and my greatest friends. Later I moved to Prague, where I founded a special school for children who had been abandoned by the system as uncontrollable and I started, with some equally committed colleagues, to “educate”.
From 2008 I have been living in Ireland. From time to time I behave suicidally: I collapse and I burn out. This time I’m in Prague 3 curing a septic abscess. I have been ill since April of this year. In Ireland I at first got 2 doses of antibiotics from my dentist and later from an anthroposophic doctor I got globulin and injections of Silicea, which were administered for 3 months. Yesterday I got some goat colostrum through the post from a friend, and I took 3 capsules immediately and at night another 5. I also started and anti-fungal diet, nothing extreme, I just avoided fruit and sugar. Now I get up in the mornings feeling fresh, with no sign of infection on my gums. Well we’ll see. On 16/11 I’m booked for a small operation, opening the gums, cleaning, and a bone marrow graft.
Why am I writing? In December I go back to Ireland, where all around me there will be a lot of exhausted volunteers from around the world, who live a similar life to me. I wanted to ask if you are interested in widening your distribution to another country, such as Ireland? I would be glad to help you with this. And of course I’ll be giving a leaflet about colostrum to my dentist on the 16th, the holistic Dr. Benda in Prague.
If you are interested, please copy some of this article to your website: I would be very pleased.
I wish you much strength and love.
Marcela Koucunova (Mgr.)